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Liza Penn

Liza Penn is the pseudonym of a bestselling author living with her family in the piedmont of the Carolinas. She writes romance with a twist, from fairy tale or superhero retellings to an unexpected take on fantasy magic courts.

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As Above



Elenka thought her marriage to the Sky Emperor was as unbreakable as their paired magic. When he takes a mistress though, she realizes how fragile her power is...until she finds a new god in the underworld, one whose worshipful love inspires a new type of power.


Intricate plot + steamy magical romance + spicy secrets & scandal.


Updates Mon, Wed, Fri. exclusively on Kindle Vella.

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Hotel Ever After

Get the entire Hotel Ever After series in one convenient bind up!

Each of the Hotel Ever After books is (very) loosely based on a fairy tale. Which means they're all guaranteed to have a happily ever after. They're also guaranteed to have a (very) sexy twist. My heroines aren't literally princesses, but they are very much in control of their destiny--and they're not afraid to take exactly what they want from their prince charming!

No cheating, no cliffhangers, just good, dirty fun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: these stories are novellas, each about 75-100 pages long. Perfect for an afternoon tryst!

Or you can get the first book in the series, BETTE AND THE BEAST, for free now!

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