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Natasha Luxe

Natasha Luxe is the pseudonym of a bestselling author living in the Midwest. She writes romance such as the Heroes and Villains series with Liza Penn as well as her solo books, the Celebrity Crush series and the Club Reverie series. 

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Aphrodite and Hephaestus

Before Persephone and Hades, there was...



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Aphrodite and

Together, we do the impossible: create love in this

mountain of greed.


But anything new on Olympus

is a target.


And now, we aren't just gods.


We are a threat.


Celebrity Crush

Tom. Sebastian. Chris.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Let all your celebrity romance dreams run wild with three standalone short stories that crank up the heat and keep the fantasies rolling...

Each story in the Celebrity Crush series can be read on their own, in any order.

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Meet Cute

Free NOW on Kindle Unlimited

I do not have time for distractions... like global heartthrob Tom Hudel, who comes to my island to film his new movie.


No matter how melting his smile is. No matter how dizzying his accent is. No matter how gentle his eyes are. I will not get distracted by a celebrity crush.

plot twist.jpg
Plot Twist

Free NOW on Kindle Unlimited

I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to dating actors... Until I start on the set of a movie featuring the newest hot shot leading man, Sebastian Stanik. He awakens parts of me I’d thought were long gone.


Maybe a little fun won’t kill me, but the moment this movie wraps, the barriers are going back up. I will not fall for a celebrity crush.

Off camera.jpg
Off Camera

Free NOW on Kindle Unlimited

Interning for a Hollywood PR agency is a dream job—so when they ask me to faux-date LA bad boy Chris Griffins, I agree. The only problem is, he’s a way better actor than I expected…unless all those sidelong glances and electric touches mean he really is into me? 

Even crazier…am I actually

into him?


I cannot have real feelings for a celebrity crush.

Club Reverie

Welcome to Club Reverie, where your dreams become your reality…


What would happen if you could actually meet your fictional book boyfriend?


Find out in this spicy series that makes it possible to slip into the worlds -- and beds -- of your favorite fictional hotties.


Is it real? Is it fake? There's only one way to find out...


Each book in the Club Reverie series can be read on their own, in any order.

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Fae Prince

Sloane is in love with the dark and intense Fae Prince Kilian. Or at least, she pretends to be, using what few free hours she has to get lost in the series of sultry books about him.

Until she hears about a new club that promises to take her wildest fantasies and make them a reality.

She knows this is a virtually created world. Isn't it?

Villain God.png
Villain God

Devyn has created the perfect virtual replica of her favorite sci-fi world -- complete with that world's villain, the immortal god Nazar. 

She has spent her whole life studying the boundaries between fantasy and reality…but for Nazar, she might just break those boundaries entirely.

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